Videospoty z focení


  • Vendula Janeckova

    “I was wondering what should I write here and how. You know that gut feeling when something touches your soul and you aren´t such whether to laugh in joy or burst into tears cause your dream just came true! From the depth of my heart I wish this for all. To uncover their true nature and be themselves. Thank you so much for fulfilling my dream.” 

  • Dana Prochazkova

    “I would like to thank to the whole Horse and Glamour team for an unforgettable experience and perfect, beautiful pictures. Above all let me mention joyful atmosphere throughout the setup and photo shooting. I’m convinced we have chosen one of the best. There is always just one original – HORSE AND GLAMOUR."

  • Sarka Pruskova

    “We had an opportunity to experience an unforgettable day with H&G photoshoot crew in a beautiful place (Tiske steny). It was a gift to our daughter. Our thanks belong to the whole team. They made a dream come true for another young lady. I’m excited to recommend their services to all dreamers and those who believe in fairytales.”

  • Grazyna Sniegula

    “Thank you so much! Simply fantastic!” 

  • Marta Simeckova

    „I have seen just a few photos and I really liked them. There is magic, hint of mystery, feelings, creativity, fairytale spirit. The beauty of human being hand in hand with amazing costumes, youth and nature is shining out from those pictures. Those photos are simply beautiful.Thanks so much for this experience and I wish you good luck.”

  • Indian Svetluska (Firefly)

    “You should never stop dreaming...Thank you for an unforgettable experience. I will recommend photo shooting with your crew to everybody.” 

  • Anna

    “When I saw your website for the first time I was left speechless.I just could not believe that there is really somebody so devoted to such art.I always dreamed about having such a photo with my own horse.What I admire the most is the artsy look through the lens of the camera that creates breathtaking pictures.Thank you so much for creating those!”

  • Michaela

    “One can tell you do this artwork with love…I’m so pleased I was able to be part of it. It has been truly an unforgettable experience for me! You all are simply amazing! Once again, thank you and I wish you nothing but tremendous success!” 

  • Jana Podana

    “Those photos will transfer you from day to day reality into an amazing fantasy world.No matter whether you are a princess,elf,knight or a brave warrior.Each photograph needs to be created in a certain way.So, looking through the camera lens you see a set put together by multiple professionals, fantasy and hard work into it.Huge compliments.” 

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Horse and Glamour s.r.o.

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